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Fire safety knowledge necessary for opening indoor children's amusement park


1.、The operators of children's parks should have "four understandings and four meetings".
Four understand: understand the fire hazard of this post; Knowledge of fire prevention measures; Know how to fight fire; Know how to escape.

Four will: will call the police; Can put out the initial fire; Will organize evacuation; Can use fire equipment.

AMUSEMENT PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS2、Children's amusement park site to avoid high floors and underground places
Open children's entertainment places should be set up on the first to third floor of the shopping mall. It is forbidden to be set up in the underground shopping mall or floors above the fourth floor. Moreover, the safety exit of children's entertainment places should not be less than two, and it is better to have an independent entrance and exit.

3、Children's amusement equipment materials are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and inflammable
When a fire occurs accidentally, a large amount of toxic smoke from combustible materials is the main cause of death by asphyxiation. Therefore, all kinds of materials used in entertainment facilities must be non-combustible, non-combustible materials or combustible materials after being treated with flame retardant.AMUSEMENT PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS

4、 Indoor children's paradise fire equipment should be equipped with enough
Fully equipped with fire equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lights and evacuation signs.

5、 Indoor children's park electricity safety knowledge
If the smell of smoke or burning is found in the machine, the power should be cut off immediately. The laying of electrical circuits must meet the requirements of the code, the pipe in place, the use of high-power electrical appliances, and fuel to maintain a sufficient distance.

AMUSEMENT PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS6、 The internal regular fire knowledge training and drill
Formulate feasible emergency evacuation plan, and regularly carry out fire control knowledge training for children's park operators and organize drills; The evacuation passage of the indoor children's paradise should be kept unobstructed at all times.

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