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Did you do that when you were running a children's park?

 In the fierce competition of children's park industry, the design of children's park equipment for fun and indoor children's park service are the two key factors of the benefit source. The characteristic of children's park equipment is the outstanding point to show the excellence of the park, but if we want to create greater difference, more added value and more stable development income, we must cooperate with high-quality indoor children's park service! So the question is, how should operators improve the service quality of children's parks so as to satisfy customers? The following Guangzhou FEIFAN amusement equipment co. LTD immediately for all tips:

First, the appearance is elegant, the customer comes
Usually parents take their children to indoor children's paradise when the first impression of consumption is from the staff's appearance, behavior and speech, etc., left to the parents of the image of the park is formed by the image of the staff, and a good image of the park will attract customers to visit again. Therefore, the staff of the indoor children's park should try their best to be clean in appearance, elegant in temperament, elegant in conversation and pretty in makeup.ball pool slide for kids

Second, each function, sales profit
Each function means that the manager of the indoor children's park should do a good job in job assignment and management, the reception work should be warm and polite, the cashier rigorous and clear, the guide players intimate and due diligence and so on. For example, the park guide player, understand the responsibility of the guide, that is, from the perspective of the operator is to do a good job in terminal sales, maintenance of park safety and atmosphere, and the stand at home from the perspective of the long is to do a good job in child guide service. Sales will be good only if customers are satisfied.ball pool slide for kids

Three, and customers for friends, business is hot
Understand that customers are friends, because customers are the source of hot sales of indoor children's paradise. Children's park employees should know how to treat parents with empathy, children are the heart of the parents, is the unique baby of every family, so the most effective way to establish a good relationship with parents is to care for all the children in the park to play, as if you have too much. In addition, you can exchange more parenting knowledge with parents.Guangzhou FEIFAN amusement equipment co. LTD

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